Barton Pink

A hybrid by Ray Horton (1990)

Parents: xGraptosedum 'Heswall' x Graptopetalum bellum / xTacisedum 'Heswall x Tacitus bellus (seed from Tacitus bellus)


Description of a 2 1/2 years old plant

15 cm long, growth per year 5-7 cm, 0,8 cm in diameter, offsetting freely at the base, few offsets higher up the stem.

up to 12,5 cm in diameter, up to 70 fresh leaves and many more dry and dead, quite densely packed.

up to 6,5 cm long, widest near apex: up to 2 cm, up to 0,7cm thick, upper side convex near base, flattening out to concave near apex, underside convex, slightly carinate, obovate-cuneate, broadly obtuse and mucronate, greyish green, margins and mucro whitish.

emerging from the upper part of the rosette, up to 5 per rosette, up to 24 cm long, branching freely, flowers very numerous, pedicel 1,2 cm long, bracts up to 1,5 cm long and 0,4 cm wide, same colour as leaves.

5 parts, 2,5 cm in diameter.

Sepals 0,8 cm long and 0,3 cm wide, united at base, a lighter shade of pale green than leaves, more or less equal.

1,2 cm long and 0,7 cm wide, united at base, inside bright pink with a darker mid stripe, outside much paler pink with a greenish pink mid stripe, wide-spreading, acute.

slightly pinkish

and stamen white to slightly pinkish

Flowering time: Spring


Photos Robert Hood

Photo Emmanuelle Aubé

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