Barton Glory

A hybrid by Ray Horton (1989)



Parents : Graptopetalum bellum x xGraptosedum 'Heswall' / Tacitus bellus x xTacisedum 'Heswall'

of a two years old plant

5 cm long and 1,5 cm in diameter, offsetting freely at the base, few offsets higher up the stem.

: 15 cm in diameter, up to 80 leaves, rather loosely packed.

: 6,5 cm long, widest near apex: 2,5 cm, up to 0,6cm thick, upper side convex near base to concave near apex, underside convex, slightly carinate, obovate-cuneate, broadly obtuse and mucronate, greyish green, margins and mucro whitish.

Flower 5 parts, 2,6 cm in diameter

Sepals 1 cm long and 0,5 cm wide, united at base, slightly darker greyish green than leaves with a reddish tinge, more or less equal.

1,5 cm long and 0,6 cm wide, united at base, outside whitish, flushed with pink, inside flushed pale pink to whitish with darker mid stripe, wide-spreading to somewhat reflexed, acute.

slightly yellowish-pinkish

and stamen white

Flowering time: Spring


Photos Emmanuelle Aubé.

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