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AUREUM  (Hornem.) Mes x GLUTINOSUM  (Aiton) Webb & Berthel.

Sempervivum ×spurium  Haw. (pro var. of calyciforme = A. aureum), Revisiones plantarum succulentarum: 63. 1821 nom. illeg. (Art. 53.1) [non Sempervivum spurium Camus].

×Greenonium extinctum  P.V.Heath, The type of Aeonium Webb & Berthelot, Calyx 2(2): 59. (Oct) 1992.

Aeonium ×extinctum  (P.V.Heath) Tavorm. & S.Tavorm., Aeonium sezione Greenovia, Piante Grasse 26(2): 48. (Apr) 2006 nom. inval. (Art. 41.5) [Incomplete basionym reference].

Etym: From the Latin spurius, bastard or hybrid, replaced with the Latin extinctum, the passive perfect participle of extinguere, to extinguish.

T: Occurred spontaneously in the Chelsea Physic Garden, London, raised from seed taken from A. aureum "perhaps crossed with A. glutinosum".

Obs: A valid name in Aeonium does not exist for this taxon. As it is a hybrid of cultivated origin and not known today, the need for a name seems scarcely necessary.


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