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Parentage : Aeonium diplocyclum x A. davidbramwellii ?*

A hybrid by Bert Jonkers ((2004)

Published in Avonia 30(1), 2012.


Description :

Perennial, monocarpic.

Stem short.

Rosette similar in size to that of A. davidbramwellii.

Leaves obovate-oblanceolate, dark green with sparse red-brown longitudinal markings, margins entire to minutely

dentate, tip acute.

Flowers 10 - 12 - 15-merous, greenish yellow, petals with a green midrib.

*Note :

The breeder explains that he has grown the parent species from seeds distributed by the BCSS and he describes his A. davidbramwellii as a solitary monocarpic plant. However A. davidbramwellii is a few-branched subshrub to 1 m tall - not a solitary species. Moreover A. davidbramwellii and A. diplocyclum are the parents of A. x tijarafense, a much-branched subshrub occurring on La Palma. This means that the parentage indicated for A. 'Abracadabra' most likely is not correct - maybe due to a mislabeling of the seeds. Therefore it cannot be taken for granted that the parentage of the simultaneously published A. 'Mad Canary' is correct.

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