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x cabrerorum  (A.Santos) Bañares, 1996

Aeonium diplocyclum (Webb ex Bolle) Mes ×  Aeonium spathulatum (Hornem.) Praeger.

×Greenonium cabrerorum* A.Santos, Vegetacion y flora de La Palma: 184, 185. 1983 ("cabrerae")*.

Aeonium x cabrerorum (A.Santos) Bañares, Vieraea 25: 184. 1996.

Etym: Named for Miriam Cabrera and family. (*Named for more than one person so the name has to be plural.)

HT: Sketch of a sterile cluster, on p.185 of the protologue. Autotype (Art. 9.1). The only included element. 

Short description :

Small, compact, branched plants, intermediate between the parents.

Rosettes 5 - 9 cm in diameter.

Leaves obovate, 4 - 4.5 x 2 cm, margins hyaline and pubescent like A. diplocyclum, scarcely

ciliate in the upper part.

Inflorescences pubescent.

Flowers : 11-merous, calyx pubescent, petals glabrous, squamae absent.

Distribution : La Palma, 700 - 1000 m.


Aeonium ×cabrerorum HT from A. Santos Guerra, Vegetacion y flora de Las Palmas: 185. 1983.

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