x experimentale

Par. Aeonium haworthii Salm-Dyck ex Webb & Berthel. × Aeonium sedifolium (Webb ex Bolle) Pit. & Proust.


Aeonium ×experimentale Arango, Confirmación experimental de rango de especie de Aeonium mascaense (Crassulaceae). (Addenda), Botánica Macaronésica 31: 11-32. 2021.


Etym: A Latin adjective, experimentalis, experimental, a derivative of experimentum, experiment. Refers to its garden origin.


T: Based on a hybrid created in the garden of Anthony Riley, U.K. The author presupposes that this hybrid may also occur in nature because of the proximity of the parents in the wild. So he has chosen to treat this as a botanical nothotaxon instead of as a cultivar in anticipation of a natural hybrid being eventually discovered. The rules of nomenclature do not prohibit this, and precedents have been set elsewhere for this situation.


HT: LPA 38599. Preserved 2 May 2020 ex hort.



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