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x monteaquaense  Arango, 2017

Par: Aeonium haworthii Webb & Berthel. × Aeonium tabuliforme (Haw.) Webb & Berthel.


Aeonium ×monteaquaense Arango, Tres nuevas notoespecies de las islas Canarias, Vieraea 45: 269-273. (Oct) 2017.


Etym: Named for Monte del Agua, Tenerife.


T: Islas Canarias, north-central Tenerife, Monte del Agua, a laurel forest, 730m; 12 May 2016, O. Arango (ex hort.)


HT: TFC 52.550.



Distribution : Canary Islands, Tenerife, Monte del Agua, 730 m.


Description :


Perennial unbranched or rarely few (1-3) branched subshrub, intermediate between parents, 12-15 cm tall.


Stems to 1,0 cm in diameter, bark slightly rough and brown-greyish.


Rosettes flattened, 14-16 cm in diameter.


Leaves obovate to oblanceolate-spatulate, apex glabrate, margin with conical cilia.


Inflorescence lax, panicular, pyramidal; central stem, peduncles and calyx glabrous, pedicels glabrate.


Flowers 7-9 merous, corolla pale yellow, almost cup shaped.


Stamens white, glabrescent ; ovaries white, glabrous, and styles glabrescent, diverging from the base.

Published in Vieraea 45:269-273, 2017.

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