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x ombriosum Bramwell & Rowley ex P.V.Heath, 1995

Par: Aeonium hierrense  (R.P.Murray) Pit. & Proust × Aeonium valverdense  (Praeger) Praeger

Sempervivum hierrense  R.P.Murray × Sempervivum valverdense Praeger, Praeger, Notes on Canarian and Madeiran Semperviva, Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh 29: 200. 1925 (without description).

Aeonium hierrense  (R.P.Murray) Pit. & Proust × Aeonium valverdense (Praeger) Praeger, Semperviva of the Canary Islands area, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 38 Sect.B (1): 475-476. (24 Sep) 1929.

Aeonium ×ombriosum  Bramwell & G.D.Rowley, in Jacobsen & Rowley, Some name changes in succulent plants, Part V, National Cactus and Succulent Journal 28(1): 5. (Mar) 1973 nom. inval. (Art. 39.1, 40.1).

Aeonium ×ombriosum  Bramwell & G.D.Rowley ex P.V.Heath, Miscellaneous amendments, Calyx 5(2): 51. (Jan) 1995.

Etym: Derived from Ombrios, an early Greek name for the island of Hierro.

T: Islas Canarias, El Hierro, Taibique, 900m; Aug 1987, Ángel Bañares & T. Felipe.

HT: TFC 25.033.

Description (according to Praeger, An Account of the Sempervivum Group, 1932) :

Intermediate in all characters. Typically slightly branched, leaf-rosettes intermediate in size, leaves and flowers intermediate.

Habitat : Canary Islands : Hierro, frequent where the parents occur together. By secondary crossing the hybrids form a series extending from one parent to the other.

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