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x tijarafense   (A.Santos) Bañares, 1996

Par: Aeonium ciliatum  Webb & Berthel. × Aeonium diplocyclum  (Webb ex Bolle) Mes

[Or Aeonium davidbramwellii  H.-Y.Liu × Aeonium diplocyclum  (Webb ex Bolle) Mes if davidbramwelii is considered to be distinct from ciliatum]

×Greenonium tijarafensis A.Santos, Vegetacion y flora de La Palma: 184, 187. 1983.


×Aeonium tijarafense  (A.Santos) Bañares, Vieraea 25: 190. 1996.


Etym: Named for Tijarafe, La Palma.


HT: Photo of a flowering plant in habitat, on p.187 of the protologue. Autotype (Art. 9.1). The only included element.

Short description :

Intermediate between the parents, much branched.

Rosette 15 - 20 cm in diatmeter.

Leaves oblong-spatulate, acute, with reddish blotches on the underside, margins ciliate and pubescent.

Inflorescence subpyramidal.

Flowers 12-13-merous, calyx pubescent, petals yellow.

Flowering time : April

Distribution : Canary Islands : La Palma, near Tijarafe, 600 m.

Aeonium ×tijarafense HT from A. Santos Guerra, Vegetacion y flora de Las Palmas: 187. 1983.


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