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x uhlii  Tavorm. & S.Tavorm. ex Mottram, 2015

Par: Aeonium aureum  (Hornem.) Mes × Aeonium diplocyclum  (Bolle) Mes


Greenovia aurea  (Hornem.) Webb & Berthel. × Greenovia diplocycla  Bolle, in Uhl, The chromosomes of the Sempervivoideae (Crassulaceae), American Journal of Botany 48(2): 117, 121. (Feb) 1961.


Aeonium ×uhlii  Tavorm. & S.Tavorm., Aeonium sezione Greenovia, Piante Grasse 26(2): 49. (Apr) 2006 nom. inval. (Art. 40.7). [Place of conservation of type not specified]


Aeonium ×uhlii Tavorm. & S.Tavorm. ex Mottram nothosp. nov. Validated in Crassulacea 4, 11. January, 2015, by reference to the description of Tavormina, Piante Grasse 26(2): 49. (Apr) 2006, and typified as shown below.


Etym: Named for Charles Harrison Uhl (1918-2010), American botanist and specialist in Crassulaceae.


T: Islas Canarias, El Hierro, SSW of Valverde, c.2500ft; 30 Jul 1957, O. N. Gillie in Charles H. Uhl U716. "Rare, growing on one side of a barranco. Locally frequent." Preserved by Uhl from cultivated material on 6 Feb 1960.




Obs: The type is also in cultivation at Edinburgh Botanic Garden sub 2789 (as Greenovia diplocycla)..A tetraploid intermediate between the parents, which might therefore be an allopolyploid. It is not essential to treat such plants as nothotaxa, and usage of the name without the multiplication sign is permitted. Indication of the holotype was given by Tavormina as a rather cryptic reference to Uhl's 1961 article in which Uhl's voucher, U716, is cited. This could be accepted as being a reference to the single herbarium specimen made by Uhl mentioned above, but unfortunately the name of the herbarium was not specified by either Uhl or Tavormina.

Aeonium ×uhlii  Tavorm. & S.Tavorm. ex Mottram holotype. © Image supplied and reproduced with the kind permission of the L. H. Bailey Hortorium Herbarium, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.


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