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Hybrid by Jack Catlin

Parentage : Aeonium canariense x A. arboreum 'Zwartkop'

Sibling of A. 'Blushing Beauty'


Distributed as ISI 00-41 in 2000 : "A. 'Velour' is the result of a 1976 cross of A. canariense and A. arboreum 'Zwartkop'. Like its sibling, A. 'Blushing Beauty', the leaf surface bears a fine pubescence that gives A. 'Velour' a velvety texture. While A. 'Blushing Beauty' blushes red during cool winter temperatures, A. 'Velour' is a more consistent purplishmauve in the apical portions of the leaves."

Growing on a sunny spot :

and in semi.shade :

Photos Eduardo Carbonell

At RBG Melbourne :

Photos Noelene Tomlinson

Photo Thomas Delange

A crested form :

Photo Noelene Tomlinson

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