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CASTELLO-PAIVAE  'Harry Mak'   Rowley, 2006

The name was first published in Gordon D. Rowley's book "Teratopia", 2006, and therefore has priority over the name A. castello-paivae 'Suncup', published in 2007.

Synonym : Aeonium castello-paivae 'Suncup' or 'Sun Cup'  (First published in Schulz, Aeonium in habitat and cultivation, 2007, p. 152.)

= the variegated form of A. castello-paivae.

Photos Noelene Tomlinson

Photos Santino Rischitelli

Plants: Weltevrede Succulent Nursery, South Africa

Photos Jacquie Koutsoudis, SA

Photo Margrit Bischofberger

Photo Philip Greswell

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