Synonym : Cotyledon arabicum  Schweinfurth ex Tackholm (1970)  


Distribution : Sudan.



Description (according to IHSP 2003) :


Basal leaves orbicular, peltate, to 7 cm in diameter, petiole to 14 cm, margin slightly crenate, cauline leaves similar but smaller, peltate to ovate-caudate.


Inflorescence lax, paniculiform, erect to suberect, to 25 cm, pedicels 2 - 6 mm.


Flowers erect, corolla campanulate, white, 5 - 6 x 3.5 mm in diameter, petals ovate, 2.5 mm, ± as long as the fused basal portion of the tube.


This species, together with U. tropaeolifolius, is distinguished from the other species by the distinctive paniculate (as opposed to spicate) inflorescence.

From U. botryoides it differs also by the branching of the inflorescence, the campanulate flowers and the deeper division of the corolla.



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