Synonyms :


Cotyledon tropaeolifolia  (Boissier) Bornmann (1914)

Umbilicus oxypetalus  Boissier (1843)


Distribution : South-eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, western Iran, Somalia.



Description (according to IHSP 2003) :


Lax ascending or procumbent herbs.


Branches to 30 cm, branched, fragile and delicate.


Basal leaves orbicular, peltate, margin subentire, to 4 cm in diameter, cauline leaves peltate or ovate with cordate base.


Inflorescences lax much branched decumbent panicles, pedicels 2 - 6 mm.


Flowers spreading, corolla cream to white, 4 - 5 mm long and in diameter, stellate-campanulate, petals to ± 2x the length of the tube.


This species, together with U. paniculiformis, may be distinguished from the others of the genus by the distinctive paniculate (as opposed to spicate) inflorescences.

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