STRICTA Rose, 1905

Synonyms :


Altamiranoa stricta  (Rose) E.Walther (1938)

Altamiranoa erecta  H.Jacobsen (1956)


Distribution : Mexico (Zacatecas); only known from the type collection.



Description (according to IHSP, 2003) :




Stems erect, 10 - 20 cm, basally forming short dense rosettes, pale green.


Leaves ascending, terete, obtuse, rather densely arranged.


Inflorescences elongate spikes, small, pedicels absent.


Flowers : Sepals obtuse, ± 1.5mm, petals 3 mm, white, becoming red in old specimens, probably spreading, broad and obtuse, subapically aristate, stamens ± 2 mm.


A little-known species. According to R. Moran (in lit.) it is probably a synonym of V. misera.

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