STAMINEA  (Paulsen) S.H.Fu, 1984

Synonym : Sedum stamineum  Paulsen (1922)

Subgenus Crassipedes

Distribution : Tibet.

Description (according to H. Ohba in IHSP, 2003) :

Hermaphrodite (?), glabrous.

Flowering stems 4 - 6 cm tall, erect or ascending.

Leaves lanceolate, ± 7 mm, tip obtuse, base rounded, margins nearly entire.

Inflorescences with up to 17 flowers, umbellate, pedicels very short or flowers almost sessile.

FIowers 5-merous, sepals 5.3 mm, subulate, petals pale purple, lanceolate or narrowly oblong, 5 mm, tip obtuse, stamens slightly longer than the petals.

An uncertain species described from insufficient material without knowledge of female plants. It is

somewhat similar to R. dumulosa in the shape of the nectar scales and petaIs, and possibly hermaphrodite flowers

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