SUBOPPOSITA  (Maximowicz) Jacobsen, 1973

Synonym : Sedum suboppositum  Maximowicz (1883)

Section Rhodiola

Distribution : China (central Gansu, northeastern Qinghai); rocks in alpine areas, 3800 - 4100 m. 

Description (according to H. Ohba in IHSP, 2003) :

Dioecious, to 30 cm tall with numerous flowering stems.

Leaves shortly petiolate to subsessile, opposite or in verticils of 3, or altemate, ovate to broadly elliptic, ± 2 x 1 cm, tip obtuse, base rounded, margins crenulate.

Inflorescences many-flowered, ± 1 cm in diameter, pedicels as long as the flowers.

FIowers 5-merous, ± 7 mm in diameter,,sepals oblong, petals yellow, oblong, stamens slightly longer than the petals.

Flowering time : July.

The identity of this taxon is still uncertain though it seems related to R. rosea.

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