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FILIFORMIS (Ecklon & Zeyher) Dietrich, 1840 (engl./ fr.)

Synonyms :

Grammanthes filiformis  Ecklon & Zeyher (1837) / Dinacria filiformis  (Ecklon & Zeyher) Harvey (1862)

Crassula capillacea  E.Meyer ex Drège (1843) 

Section Dinacria


Distribution : SA (Western Cape); Strandveld.


Description (according to IHSP, 2003) :


Erect glabrous freely branched annuals to 10 cm tall.


Leaves 3 - 10 x 2 - 4 mm, flat, lanceolate to elliptic, green to brownish, somewhat cymbiform, tip obtuse.


Inflorescences : Thyrses, often with a solitary dichasium.

Flowers : Sepals to 2.5 mm, oblong-triangular to broadly triangular, tips obtuse, corolla cup-shaped, petals shortly fused at the base, white, oblanceolate, to 3mm, asymmetrical and aestivation contorted (unique among the annual Crassulaceae), tips acute, anthers yellow.


Flowering time : Spring.

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