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FLANAGANII  Schönland & Baker f., 1898

Synonym : Crassula acuminata  E.Meyer ex Drège (1844) (nom. inval.)

Section Rosulares

Distribution : SA (Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal); rocky outcrops.


Description (according to E. van Jaarsveld in IHSP, 2003) :

Moderately branched decumbent herbs to 20 cm tall (when flowering).

Roots fibrous.

Branches wiry.

Leaf pairs spirally arranged, 3 - 7 x 0.3 - 2 cm, green to yellowish-green, flat, glabrous, margins ciliate when young becoming naked, base variable from abruptly constricted to cuneate, apex acute.

Inflorescences terminal flat-topped thyrses with numerous dichasia, peduncle to 15 cm.

Flowers : Sepals linear-triangular, to 2 mm, corolla tubular, to 4 mm, white tinged pink or red, petals shortly fused at the base, to 3 mm, lanceolate, spreading and becoming reflexed, anthers yellow.

Flowering time : Autumn.

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