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PALLENS  Schönland & Baker f., 1898

Section Squamulosae

Distribution : Namibia, SA (Northern Cape); Succulent Karoo.


Description (according to E. van Jaarsveld in IHSP, 2003 :

Much-branched shrublets 50 cm tall.

Roots fibrous.

Branches with recurved hairs, becoming glabrous and with smooth pale bark.

Leaves 10 - 35 x 2 - 7 mm, deciduous when old, glaucous-green, linear-lanceolate to lanceolate, flattened, minutely papillate, upper face flat to concave, lower face convex, margin basally with few cilia, tip acute.

Inflorescences irregular thyrses with several dichasia.

Flowers subsessile, sepals triangular to triangular-lanceolate, to 3 mm, minutely papillate without marginal cilia, corolla tubular, petals fused shortly at the base, white to cream, to 3.5 mm, lorate to subpanduriform, tip obtuse with dorsal appendage, anthers black.

Flowering time : Spring.

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