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PLANIFOLIA   Schönl. 1907

Section Acutifolia

Distribution : Recorded from only a few localities in the Transkei between Umtata and Kentani; growing on shallow soil on or near rock outcrops.


Description by Tölken, 1985 :

Perennials with erect to decumbent branches up to 30 cm long, with few carnose branches, with flaking bark on older stems, with old leaves deciduous.

Leaves elliptic to lanceolate, 2 - 3.5 (-4) cm long and 4 - 10 mm wide, usually sharply acute, dorsiventrally flattened, to slightly convex on both surfaces, glabrous, dark green.

Inflorescence a round-topped thyrse but often irregualrly branched and with numerous flowers. Peduncle 3 - 6 cm long and usually with one pair of bracts without flowers.

Flowers : Sepals triangular, 0.5 (-1) mm long, bluntly acute, somewhat ridged, fleshy, glabrous, green. Corolla tubular, fused at base for ca 0.2 mm, white to cream, petals oblong, 1 - 1.5 mm long, rounded, with dorsal ridge, with apices slightly recurved. Stamens with brown anthers.


Flowering time : July - August.


Note :

Although the species is obviously very similar to Crassula tetragona, it is easily distinguished by its flat leaves and late flowering time.

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