SANDRAE   Jacobsen, 2021

Published in Bradleya 39, 2021

Comment : 

1. The weakest point of this article is the fact that a discussion of a possible hybrid status of this new plant is completely lacking. The possiblity of a hybrid is not considered at all. However if plants are said to be somewhat intermediate between two resembling species, the possibility of a hybrid cannot be disregarded.

2. Jacobsen provides fine photos for the resembling species but only poor photos of the newly describe plant. The contrary would be much better ! If a new species is described it is essential that its characteristic features are shown by photos of plants in habitat and in cultivation, drawings are fine but cannot replace them. 

3. Jacobsen introduces a vocabulary not concordant with that of Tölken / generally used when writing about Crassulaceae. As the reader cannot know what the terms the author uses mean for himself, he also cannot know whether they are in agreement with the well-established terms or not.


4. The article is full of careless mistakes which - if it had been carefully reviewed - could easily have been avoided. 

In short : If the article had been examined by a competent reviewer, it would not have  been published in this half-baked state.

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