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Parentage : Crassula namaquensis ssp. comptonii x C. susannae


A hybrid by Rogers Weld, raised for Fernwood Nursery in California and named by him in 1981. 

“ Two years ago I crossed a Crassula susannae with a Crassula comptonii [C. namaquensis ssp. comptonii]. The result is, in my opinion, one of the better miniature hybrids. The leaves are slightly concave and triangular, light gray-green with a touch of purple. Dryness and more light will intensify the purple color. The fleshy leaves are densely papillose and form a semi-tight circular rosette; offsets readily from the base. Inflorescence sessile or nearly so in capitates cymes, very characteristic of Crassula susannae. Flowers white, in December. Culture: Plant in sandy loam. Use small pots. Water only when dry. Keep in filtered sunlight. I named this plant Crassula ‘Fernwood’.” (Cactus & succulent Journal (U.S.), Vol. 53, 1981)

According to Max Holmes the “sessile” inflorescences may be due to particularly dry growing conditions, less dry cultivated plants have inflorescences some centimeters high. The characteristic feature of ‘Fernwood’ are the quite yellow flower buds while open flowers become white.

Photo Noelene Tomlinson

Photos Javier Conde

Photos Paola Volker

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