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This is another of Corrado Coccorese's hybrids, made in 2010.


It was obtained by crossing the unspotted typical clone of C. perfoliata var. minor  [C. falcata] with C. elegans, a clone without locality data from Whitestone Gardens, but quite charming.


The influence of C. falcata is evident but in contrast to the latter the hybrid has much shorter leaves and they are arranged in a 4-angled column 4 - 5 cm in diameter, closely packed at the tip of the stem.


Flowers are intermediate between the parents, few in number, cream-white in colour, not at all reminiscent of the magnificent red flowers of C. perfoliata var. minor.


In a stressed condition the leaves of C. 'Falchiria' display nice shades of purple.

One of the parents :

Photos Corrado Coccorese

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