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Langleyensis   (Veitch) Rowley, 1980

A hybrid first raised by John Seden, distributed about 1898 and named Kalorochea langleyensis. 

Parentage : Kalosanthes coccinea x Rochea falcata (Crassula coccinea x Crassula perfoliata var. minor).

It is described as intermediate in many ways, flowers small and the colour of Cperfoliata var. minor (C. falcata).

According to Gordon Rowley (Crassula,  A Grower's Guide, 128, 2003) the same cross has been remade at least twice by Robert Gräser in Nürnberg, Germany, and Frank Reinelt of Capitola, California, US, the latter named his cultivar 'Capitola'.

However Rowley erred, it was Alfred Gräser who was famous for Crassulaceae hybrids, not his brother Robert.

Illustration taken from Jacobsen, A Handbook of Succulent Plants.

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