Pink Beauty

= Crassula ovata 'Pink Beauty'


Distributed as ISI 95-24 in 1995 : „Many collectors may be too jaded to grow the jade plant, but ’Pink Beauty’ is quite another matter. This lovely landscape plant has been cultivated at UCBG, Berkeley and the Huntington for many years, but still has not had the distribution it deserves. Compared to ordinary clones, this grows more compactly and in midwinter is covered with spherical, deep pink flower clusters. Rooted cuttings of HBG 18172, a plant introduced by UCBG   (61.766) from Mr. Wormald of Zimbabwe, without further data.”


Comparison of the flower colour of C. ovata 'Pink Beauty' (at left) and the widely grown form (at right) :
Photos Max Holmes

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