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Section Rosularia


Distribution : South-Eastern Turkey (on limestone).



Description (according to U. Eggli in IHSP, 2003) :


Rosette with thickened taproots, semiglobular, 2 – 4 cm in diameter, with (sub-) sessile offsets.


Leaves ± erect, oblong with rounded to truncate apex, 2 - 3 cm, narrowest at the base, green, glabrous or with scattered glandular hairs, margin ciliate.


Inflorescences lateral, drooping when young, 8 - 15 cm, branched, basally with large bracts.


Flowers 5-merous, erect, broadly tubular, sepals slender triangular, green,  petals 10 - 12 mm, white with greenish venation, rarely flushed pale pinkish.

Cytology : 2n = 18


Only known from the type locality; closely related to R. lineata. 


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