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LINEATA  (Boissier) A.Berger, 1931

Synonyms : 

Umbilicus lineatus  Boissier (1847) / Umbilicus libanoticus var. lineatus  (Boissier) Post (1896) / Cotyledon lineata  (Boissier) Dinsmore (1932) / Rosularia sempervivum var. lineata  (Boissier) Thiébaut (1940)

Rosularia setosa  Bywater (1979)


Section Rosularia


Distribution : Lebanon, Syria, Jordania, Israel.



Description (according to U. Eggli in IHSP, 2003) :


Caudex turnip-shaped, passing into massive taproots.


Rosettes flattish, 2 - 7 cm in diameter, normally solitary, occasionally with few (sub-) sessile offsets.


Leaves elongate-spatulate with rounded or truncate apex, somewhat to very fleshy, medium to dark green, lamina ± glandular-hairy, margin glandular-hairy and with long eglandular ciliae.


Inflorescences lateral thyrses, ovoid in outline, densely glandular-hairy, lower part with densely imbricate and often enlarged bracts.


Flowers mostly unilateral in coiled branches, 5-merous, 8 - 10(-12) mm, broadly tubular, outer parts densely glandular-hairy, often with distinctly musky smell, petals united for 1/2 – 3/5, slightly keeled, pink with darker venation, basally greenish, apex strongly reflexed fleshy.

Cytology : 2n = 18


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