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PISIDICA Niederle, 2015

This species has in individual cultivation large bluish rosettes strongly resembling hapaxanth ( flowering once in life ) taxon Chaloupkaea gigantea ( Eggli ) Niederle ( Rosularia gigantea ( Eggli ) Niederle ). If cultivated in dense groups, the rosettes are smaller. It is distributed under incorrect identification  Rosularia rechingeri ex Küpe Dağı. According to the price list from year 2006 of perennials gardener Erwin Geiger, Drachselsried, Germany,

the result of his communication with Urs Eggli, the Crassulaceae expert, was that it is to 95% Prometheum rechingeri ( ie. Chaloupkaea rechingeri ). I do not agree.

Plants denoted Rosularia Dipoyraz are similar but green. Dipoyraz is the highest peak in mountains Dedegöl, which is adjacent to the mountains Küpe Dağı. In Dedegöl grows also Chaloupkaea chrysanthaRosularia chrysantha ), which is sometimes offered as Rosularia libanotica, the latter not present there. But Rosularia sempervivum in another subspecies is there.


Plant perennial, proliferous.

Caudex absent.

Rosettes semiglobose, monocarpic, adult 5-7 cm in diameter.

Offsets subsessile, with stolons 1-2 cm long covered with rosette leaves, this year ones subglobose.

Rosette leaves numerous, dimorph, in this year rosettes obovate, convex below, sparsely glanduloso-pilose, in older rosettes oblongo-spathulate, nearly plane, subcarnose, at apex subtrullate, their tips excise, terminated with conspicuous hydathode, bicarinate below, solely at apex carinate, glabrous, along the border papillate, in adult rosettes approximately 50 mm long, 5 mm wide and 1.7 mm thick, green ( Dipoyraz ) or bluish ( Küpe Dağı ), in drought and cold reddish at margin. Before anthesis new leaves in rosette center glanduloso-hirsute.

Inflorescence terminal, glanduloso-pilose.

Flowers as in Chaloupkaea chrysanthaRosularia chrysantha ), but more gracile,  25 to 40.

Habitat in SW Anatolia in mountains Küpe Dağı and Dedegöl.

Holotypus. Collected by Josef Niederle in his garden on 20 Jun. 2015. Plant flowering, morphotype Küpe Dağı. BRNU 638062

N.B. Chaloupkaea chrysantha and Chaloupkaea muratdaghensis with terminal inflorescence differ by smaller stature, leaf margins glanduloso-pilose, hydathode inconspicuous, leaves below without carinato-bicarinate structure. Chaloupkaea serpentinica differs by much smaller stature, leaves below without carinato-bicarinate structure, dark corollas. Chaloupkaea gigantea is monocarpic, differs by large number of flowers witk dark corollas.

Determination Rosularia rechingeri of a plant with terminal inflorescence is absolutely incomprehensible.

Josef Niederle

Pulished as Chaloupkaea pisidica in Skalnickáruv Rok 73: 17, 2016.

Photos Josef Niederle

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