PAOSHINGENSIS  (S.H.Fu) H.Ohba et al., 2000

Synonyms :

Sedum indicum var. luteorubrum  Praeger (1921) / Sinocrassula indica var. luteorubra  (Praeger) S.H.Fu (1984)

Sedum paoshingense  S.H.Fu (1965)

Distribution : China (Sichuan, Yunnan).


Description :

Perennial glabrous herbs with rosettes.

Rosulate leaves succulent, widely elliptic to elliptic, to 1 cm long and 5 mm wide, apex spinulose, base cuneate to round.

Flowering stems from center of a rosette, straight or straight from a procumbent base, 6 - 20 cm tall, smooth, pale green.

Cauline leaves alternate, succulent, elliptic to linear, to 1.3 cm long and 3 mm wide, apex spinulose, base cuneate to round, fallen leaves rooting at base.

Inflorescences nearly flat topped cymes, 10 - 40 flowered, bracteate or ebracteate, bracts 1 - 6 mm long, linear, pedicels 0.7 - 3 (-5) mm long.

Flowers : Calyx tube ca 1 mm long, sepals spurless, narrowly triangular to subulate, 3 - 4.2 mm long, with obtuse tip, erect through flowering, petals linear to narrowly oblong or linear lanceolate, 4 - 5.4 mm long and 1 - 1.5 mm wide, erect with reflexed apex, whitish inside with a rose carmine apex and rose carmine outside, stamens 5, slightly shorter than petals, anthers cream colored, ovaries not swollen dorsally. 

Flowering time : August

Note :

S. paoshingensis differs from S. indica by its oblong flowers, straight petals with recurved apex and dorsally unswollen ovaries.


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