Weingartiana ‘웨인가르티아나’

Origin and parentage unknown.



Description :


Stem 13 cm high, 1,7 cm in diameter, offsetting from the base and from the stem.


Rosette terminal.


Leaves : 6,5 cm long, 2,5 cm wide, 0,5 cm thick, reddish maroon, shape of a hull.


Inflorescences  racemose panicles, more than 25 cm long, in shade even longer; few bracts, colour and shape as leaves.


Flowers : first shape of a tube, later slightly spreading, sepals unequal, biggest 0,7 cm long, petals united for 1 mm, about 1 cm long and 0,4 cm wide, at base whitish, later yellowish to reddish. 

Photos Emmanuelle Aubé

Photo Noelene Tomlinson

Photo Stefan Neuwirth

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