Fred Wass

Parentage: Graptopetalum paraguayense x Cremnophila nutans



Description (by Ray Stephenson in Sedum Society Newsletter, n°78, July 2006) :


Stems: To 30 cm, arching then falling. Base about 1,8 cm diameter, glaucous green.


Leaves lanceolate, narrower than those of G. paraguayense, 65 x 27 x 10 mm, not as thick as those of C. nutans, faintly glaucous, blue-green.


Inflorescences eventually to 20 cm, long spikate or cylindrical in outline. Long peduncles, each branching and terminating with up to 20 flowers.


Bracts present on the peduncle and on each pedicel, tingeing pink in full sun.


Sepals: Five, short, equal, broadly lanceolate, 5 x 2,3 mm, glaucous green.


Petals: Upright below, spreading above, 7 x 3 mm, pale greeny white, flecked with dark red and more greeny yellow in the upper third.


Stamens: 10, short, 4,5 mm, filaments pale green, anthers dark grey.


Nectary Glands: 1 mm wide but half as tall, bright gamboge.


Carpels: 8 mm, pink-orange below, red above with white tips.

Flowering period: May.

Photos Emmanuelle Aubé.

Photos Margrit Bischofberger

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