Penn Ar Ru

Origin unknown

Parentage : Cremnophila linguifolia x a white-flowered Sedum species.

Named after Bob Vinçot 's nursery "Les Serres de Penn Ar Ru".



Description (by J.-M. Moullec in Subtropica n°22, May 2008) :


Stem at base 1 cm in diam.


Rosette 15 cm long, upright, 11cm in diameter.


Leaves regularly arranged, up to 6 cm long and 2,3 cm wide, carinate, dark olive-green, to 30 and more.


Inflorescence a lateral panicle more than 25 cm long, peduncle 0,5 cm in diam. at base,  first green later reddish, bracts same colour as leaves, large at base (2,5 cm x 1 cm), getting smaller towards the top of the inflorescence, distichous below, alternate towards apex, one bract at base of each branch of the panicle, all branches with more than 16 flowers.


Flowers : Sepals 0,5 cm long, not united, petals pinkish white, 1 cm long, 0,6 cm wide, carpels whitish, style red.


Flowering time: February-March




Photo Emmanuelle Aubé

Photos Margrit Bischofberger

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