Pearson's Surprise

Origin unknown

Parentage: Cremnophila nutans and Sedum dendroideum



Description (by J.-M. Moullec, Sedum Society Newsletter, July 2008):


Subshrub with few branches, rosette at apex of the stems, stems first upright, suddenly pendent and then growing upright again.


Old stems 1 cm in diameter, branches up to 25 cm long, new lateral branches arising irregularly from older stems.


Leaves as green as those of Sedum dendroideum, up to 3,2 cm long, 1,9 cm wide and 0,5 cm thick.


Inflorescences lateral, 10 – 15 cm long, bracts only in the upper part of the peduncle, same colour as the leaves, 1,8 cm long and 1,1 cm wide, panicle with 8 – 10 densely packed simple or double cincinni, peduncle 0,5 cm in diameter.


Flowers yellow, star-shaped, small (1cm diameter), 5 – 6 merous, sepals often unequal, united at base, apex rounded, sometimes reddish, petals inside yellow, outside yellow with greenish keel, 3 -4 mm long, carpels and filaments yellow.


The habit of the plant shows C. nutans, the inflorescence and the leaves resemble those of S. dendroideum.



Photos Emmanuelle Aubé.

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