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ATTENUATA ssp. ORCUTTII  (Rose) Moran, 1943

Synonyms :

Stylophyllum orcuttii  Rose (1903) / Cotyledon orcuttii  (Rose) Fedde (1904) / Echeveria orcuttii  (Rose) A.Berger (1930) / Dudleya orcuttii  (Rose) P.H.Thomson (1993)

Stylophyllum parishii  Britton (1903) / Cotyledon parishii  (Britton) Fedde (1904)

 Echeveria palensis  A.Berger (1930)


Distribution : USA (California: Southern San Diego County), Mexico (Northern Baja California and Coronados Islands); coastal rocks, to 50 m.



Differs from ssp. attenuata:


Flowers : Petals 6 - 10 mm, white, often with rose hue, lineate with red, tube 0.5 - 3 mm, anthers red, more rarely yellow; fruits somewhat divaricate, basally somewhat broadened.


Cytology : n = 17, 34


Geographically disjunct, but basically different from ssp. attenuata only in flower colour.


The taxon forms natural hybrids with D. variegata, D. formosa, D. brittonii and D. candida, see Moran (1951b) and Moran & Uhl (1952).

As the holotype of D. x semiteres (Rose) Moran cannot be associated with any of the two last-named hybrids, which are very similar to each other, both are here united under this name (Moran & UhI1952). 

At Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, CA, USA :

Photos Michael Wisnev

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