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Cotyledon quitensis

Description by Baker as Cotyledon quitensis in Saunders, Refugium botanicum 1:31. 1869 (from a plant from the "Andes of New Granada") :

Stem six to nine inches high, one-fourth of an inch thick, gray when mature, naked, light green when young, the scars roundish.

Leaves twenty-five to thirty, spreading, not aggregated, oblanceolate, the largest an inch or rather more long by three-eighths of an inch broad five-sixths of the way up, the apex rounded with a slight point, the lower three-quarters slightly spathulately narrowed, the blade one-eighth of an inch thick, the colour a shining bright light green, finally tinged with red.

Flowering branches half a foot long, with several tolerably close erecto-patent leaves, like those of the stem but smaller.

Flowers four to eight in a tolerably close raceme an  inch and a half to two inches long. Lower bracts oblanceolate, half an inch to five-eighths of an inch long. Pedicels erecto-patent, the lowest one-fourth to three-eighths of an inch long.

Sepals lanceolate, ascending, slightly unequal, about half as long as the corolla, which is reddish yellow, half an inch deep, decidedly pentagonal.

Note :

The plant Baker described is not identical with Sedum quitense Kunth, its origin is not known.

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