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Echeveria gigantea

First Description by Rose & Purpus :

Main stem short and stocky, 20 to 30 cm long, crowned by a rosette of leaves.

Leaves oblanceolate, sometimes 25 cm lang, 15 cm broad at widest point, tapering below into a thick fleshy petiole, light green, only slightly glaucous, bordered by a bright red margin.

Flowering stems erect, sometimes nearly 2 meters long, somewhat pinkish, glaucous, the longer leaves 10 to 11 cm long, inflorescence paniculate, with elongated ascending branches, often 15 to 30 cm long, pedicels usually short (2 to 5 mm long), but the earlier ones often longer.

Flowers : Sepals very unequal, spreading and remaining so after the flower fades, corolla 12 to 14 mm long, pinkish, the lobes slightly spreading at tip.

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