Echeveria cornuta

First Description by Walther in Echeveria, p. 133, 1972 :


Rosettes caespitose, densely leafly.


Leaves upcurved, oblanceolate to obovate-cuneate, distinctly acuminate with hornlike apex, rounded beneath and somewhat keeled, concave above, thick and fleshy, to 5 cm long and 22 mm broad, greyish-green, scarcely glaucous.


Inflorescences to five or more, simple, secund-racemose, to 30 cm tall, reddish, bracts obovate-oblong, subtriquetrous, keeled, apex with hooked mucro, to 2 cm long, reddish, racemes with 12 or more flowers, pedicels about 6 mm long.


Flowers : Sepals unequal, longest 6 mm long, ovate-deltoid, acute, widely spreading or even somewhat reflexed in cultivated plants, brownish-red, corolla conoid-urceolate, to 13 mm long and 9 mm in basal diameter, coral-red, petals slightly spreading at tips, margins apricot-yellow, nectaries truncate, transversely reniform.


Flowering time from June on.


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