Echeveria elatior

First Description by Walther in Cactus and Succulent Journal US 7: 71. 1935 :


Rosettes dense, with very numerous offsets.


Leaves turgid, obovate-cuneate, concave above, at apex strongly mucronate, in greenhouse-grown plants 4 - 5 cm long by 25 mm broad, dark greenish-glaucous.


Scape stout, erect, to 30 cm tall, bracts few, appressed, 15 mm long, acute, raceme simple, pedicels 4 - 15 mm long, erect.


Flowers : Sepals to 6 mm long, ovate-deltoid, greyish-green, spreading or slightly ascending, corolla scarcely urceolate, 11 mm long, 7 mm in diameter at base, 5 mm at mouth, petals erect, straight, outside scarlet to rose-doree with yellow tips, styles elongate, lettuce-green, nectaries oblique, pale greenish-yellow.



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