Echeveria reglensis

First Description by Walther in Echeveria, p. 133, 1972 :


Rosettes stemless, freely soboliferous, densely leafy.


Leaves 25 or more, upcurved, thick concave above, rounded beneath and faintly keeled, obovate-cuneate, abruptly rounded to the cuspidate-mucronate apex, 35 - 50 mm long, 18 - 22 mm broad, more or less glaucous, mucro red.


Inflorescences two to three, simple, secund-racemose, peduncle slender, often laxly ascending, to 20 cm tall, bracts few, often only three, oblong-obovate, acute, appressed, 15 mm long or less, pedicels 8 - 10 long or more.


Flowers 6 - 12, sepals widely spreading, subequal, longest to 8 mm long, ovate-deltoide to lanceolate, acute, corolla conoid-urceolate, bluntly pentagonal, 12 - 13 mm long, 8 - 9 mm in basal diameter, but often only 4 - 7 mm in diameter at mouth, scarlet to rose-doree at base, tips apricot-yellow, petals erect or slightly connivent, somewhat spreading at tips, nectaries transversely elliptic, 2 mm wide.


Flowering time from June on.

Note : The correct name for this plant is now Echeveria secunda 'Reglensis'.

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