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Series Nudae

Type : Maxon 3726, Vocan de Agua, 2700 - 3000 m, Guatemala, March 22, 1905 US399713).

Etymology : Referring to the type locality.

Distribution : Guatemala (Departments San Marcos, Quetzaltenango, Totonicapán, Sololá, Chimaltenango, Sacatepéquez and Jalapa); Honduras (Dept. Francisco Morazán); Nicaragua (Dept. Jinotega).

First Description by Rose in Contributions from the US National Herbarium 12:395. 1909 :

Stems branching especially at base, resembling somewhat both in habit and foliage Sedum praealtum, 10 - 15 cm high.

Leaves equally distributed on the stem, alternate, spreading nearly at right angles to the stem, fleshy but flattened and thinner than in most species of this genus, 2 - 4 cm long, 2 cm or less broad, spatulate, with a flat surface above, rounded at apex but with a decided mucro, rounded below into a broad petiole, pale green, slightly glaucous, the margins sometimes tinged reddish.

Flowering branch 20 - 30 cm long, from the axil of a leaf near the middle of the stem, reddish, bearing numerous reddish leaves.

Inflorescence an equilateral raceme bearing 20 or more flowers, pedicels 3 - 4 mm long.

Flowers : Sepals linear, acute, spreading nearly at right angles to the pedicels, corolla buds broadly ovoid, acute, the corolla when open 10 mm long and broad in proportion, pinkish below, yellowish above, the lobes acute, stamens 10, shorter than the corolla.

Cytology : n = 26

Note :

1. Kimnach's short description in the Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants, 2003, is of no use because it is based on Walther's re-description of Echeveria guatemalensis  (Echeveria, 286-287, 1972) which was made from "living plant obtained from Don B. Skinner of Los Angeles, California" - that means from a plant of unknown origin, therefore it is to be ignored.

2. The text in Flora Mesoamericana is likewise of no use because it is also based on Walther's re-description.

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