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GLORIOSA   Rose, 1911

Series Gibbiflorae


Type : C.A. Purpus s.n., collected1907 on rocks of Cerro de Santa Lucia, Puebla, 1500 - 1800 m, Rose 423 / US 615398.


Description by Rose in Contributions of the US National Herbarium 13: 295. 1911 :

Stems about 30 cm tall, crowned with a compact cluster of highly coloured leaves, from which arise several erect or spreading flowering stems sometimes 1 m long.

Leaves 10 - 15 cm long, 7 - 10 cm broad, rounded at apex, deep purple, thickish.

Flowering stem stout, glaucous, stem leaves narrow, thickish, very glaucous, inflorescence an open panicle, lateral branches bearing numerous sessile flowers.

Flowers : Sepals ascending, corolla 12 mm long, dark red, in bud broadly ovate, but when fully open showing a wide mouth.

Note :

Walther (Echeveria, 188 - 191) and accordingly also Kimnach in Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants, 2003, classify E. gloriosa as synonym of E. rubromarginata. This is plain wrong as a comparison of the photos on the respective type sheets undoubtedly evidences (see photo below).


Photo copied from the holotype sheet of E. gloriosa.

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