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HOLWAYI   Rose, 1911


Published in Crassulacea No.5, 29. Sept. 2017. 

Series Gibbiflorae

Type : US 399680, collected by E.W.D. Holway near Oaxaca, Mexico, November 1903.

Distribution : Oaxaca.


First Description by Rose in Contributions from the US National Herbarium 13: 295. 1911 :

Caulescent, in cultivated specimens the stem short and stout.

Leaves forming a dense rosette at top of stem, pale green, slightly glaucous, sometimes purplish, obovate, obtuse, mucronate, narrowed at base into a stout, short petiole, the margin somewhat wavy, 10 - 12 cm long.

Flowering stem 90 - 120 cm long, often deep red and glaucous, its leaves scattered, inflorescence a much-branched panicle, main branches axillary, 5 - 15-flowered, flowers arranged in a secund raceme, pedicels short, often only 1 or 2 mm long.

Flowers : Sepals erect or ascending, linear, acute, very unequal, corolla 12 mm long, rose-coloured when fully open, its lobes acute, with spreading tips.

This species flowered in Washington at the side of E. gigantea. It is of similar stature to this, but has much lighter and differently margined leaves, redder stems, longer flowering branches and different flowers.

Note :

1. E. holwayi is not a synonym of E. acutifolia, as Walther erroneously postulated.

2. The description evokes a much better looking plant than shown on Rose's photo.

Echeveria holwayi, Rose's photo of the type plant.

Photo van Keppel (1977), in Succulenta 56(2), p.40.

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