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KRAHNII   Kimnach, 2009


Series Racemosae


Distribution : Southern Bolivia



Description :

Plant nearly stemless, glabrous, profusely proliferous.

Leaves linear-spathulate, acute, minutely cuspidate, slightly convex on both sides, 3,5-7 cm long, 15-18 mm wide ca. 2 cm from apex, 3-5 mm thick, pale yellowish green, not glaucous.

Flowering stems ascending to horizontal or often semi-pendent, unbranched, 15-30 cm long, light pinkish, bracts spaced 1,5-2 cm apart, ascending, 20-25 mm long, 5-7 mm wide, 4-5 mm thick, colored like the leaves; pedicels ascending, 1-2 cm long, ca. 2,5 mm thick, pinkish, each with 1-3 bracteoles, the largest 8-10 mm long.

Flowers : Sepals unequal, 4-11 mm long, 1-2,5 mm thick, colored like the leaves; corolla campanulate, obscurely pentagonal, 10-11 mm long, ca. 9 mm thick near base, yellowish orange; petals slightly recurving at tips, 10—11 mm long, inner side pale yellowish.


Published in Avonia 27 (2): 42, 2009


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