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LOZANOI Rose, 1905 


Series Gibbiflorae

Type : Pringle & Lozano 11890, collected in mountains above Etzatlan, Jalisco, Mexico, October 27, 1903. US 460734.

Etymology : For Filamon Lozano, one of its discoverers.

Distribution: Mexico (Jalisco, known only from the type locality, never been recollected).

First Description by Rose in Britton & Rose, North American Flora 22: 23, 1905 :


Leaves forming a dense rosette, lying flat upon the ground, lanceolate or strap-shaped, 10 cm long or more, 2 – 4 cm broad at widest point, flattened and rather thickish except at the base, but here very thick and somewhat channeled, acute, glabrous, the central ones copper-colored.

Flowering stems 30 – 40 cm long, inflorescence a short panicle.

Flowers : Sepals unequal, ovate, acute, corolla light copper-colored, the lobes acute.

Holotype of Echeveria lozanoi.

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