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Synonym : Cotyledon pulvinata  (Rose)  Hooker f. (1903) 

Type : Rose & Hough 4994, collected in Tomellin Cañon, Oaxaca, June 15, 1899. 


Etymology : Lat. 'pulvinatus' = cushion shaped, strongly convex - for the cushion-like leaves.


Distribution : Mexico (Oaxaca).

First Description by Rose in Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 3: 5. 1903 :

Caulescent, 12 cm high, naked below, somewhat branching.

Young branches, leaves and sepals covoered with a dense white velvety pubescence.

Leaves clustered in a rosette at the top, obovate, tapering to a narrow base, 2.5 – 3 cm long, 2 cm broad, rounded at apex and apiculate, 5 – 6 mm thick.

Flowers in a leafy raceme, pedicels 10 – 12 mm long, bracteolate, sepals ovate, acute, unequal, the longest about half the length of the corolla ; corolla scarlet, sharply 5-angled, 18 – 20 mm long, pubescent without, the lobes apiculate.

Cytology : n = 23 

Note :

E. Walther's description of Echeveria pulvinata (Echeveria, p. 392, 1972) is to be disregarded as it was made from "living plants grown in local gardens" (i.e. plants without known origin), ditto Kimnach's text in IHSP, p.121, 2003, based on Walther.

Plants in habitat in Oaxaca :

Photos Catherine Philips

Photos Mieke Geuens

Plants in cultivation

usually represent the cultivar E. pulvinata 'Ruby', described and named by B.K. Boom (Succulenta 36(7): 73-76.1957) from a plant in cultivation without known origin. It differs from the type in


- narrower and more pointed leaves,

- margins and tips of leaves and sepals intensely red and

- keel of petals a darker orange.


E. Walther’s description (Echeveria, 394, 1972) indicating that the hairs have "a more intense, more wide-spread rusty colour" obviously is not correct.

Echeveria pulvinata 'Ruby' protologue photo.

This form seems to be far more widespread in collections than the type which lacks the reddish margins.


Photos Joan Steele


Photos Margrit Bischofberger

Photos Christophe Camassel

Photos Thomas Delange

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