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Series Thyrsiflorae * > see below

Type : Rose 6393, Valley of Mexico, Federal District, July 1901. US 399920.

Etymology : Named for the flat leaves.

Distribution: Mexico (Distrito Federal, Estado de México, Hidalgo).


First Description by Rose in Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 3: 7. 1903 :

Acaulescent, glabrous throughout.

Basal leaves in a dense rosette, somewhat rhomboid in outline, thinnish, pale green, acuminate, tipped with a slender cusp, 4 - 5 cm long, about 2 cm broad.

Flowering branch 20 - 30 cm long, bearing small scattered leaves below, flowers 15 - 20, arranged in an equilateral raceme, pedicels 3 mm long or less.

Flowers : Sepals green, thickish, linear, erect, subequal, corolla reddish yellow, petals 9 mm long, tips spreading even in age, tube very short, 1 - 2 mm long.

Cytology : n = 28

Note :

1. * The series Thyrsiflorae is characterised by a determinate inflorescence, this means that the topmost flower is flowering first. 

2. Walther's description (Echeveria, 378, 1972) is not of a plant from the type locality and differs in several respects from the original description by Rose and from the type specimen. It is to be ignored.

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