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Series Gibbiflorae

Distribution : Mexico (Veracruz, Puebla)


Description by Rose in North American Flora, 22: 23. 1905 :

Acaulescent or short-caulescent.

Leaves few, about 12, stiff, ascending, oblanceolate 6 - 12 cm long, narrowed to a short thick petiole, obtuse, mucronate, glabrous, glaucous with somewhat crenulate margins.

Flowering stems 50 - 120 cm high, the lower leaves spatulate and obtuse, the upper ones ovate and acute, inflorescence paniculate, 10 - 20 cm long, pedicels very short.

Flowers : Sepals very unequal, the longer ones 8 - 9 mm long, spreading, glaucous, corolla pale rose-coloured, 12 mm long, a little paler within, petals acute thick.


Cytology : n = 27

Note :

Walther (Echeveria, 188 - 191) and accordingly also Kimnach in Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants, 2003, classify E. gloriosa as synonym of E. rubromarginata. This is plain wrong as a comparison of the photos on the respective type sheets undoubtedly evidences (see first photo below).


Photo copied from the holotype sheet of E. rubromarginata.

Plants in habitat :

Echeveria rubromarginata
, Esperanza, Puebla :

Photos Gerhard Köhres

Plants in cultivation :

Length of inflorescence 1.3 m !
Photos Bernie DeChant

Photos Emmanuelle Aubé.

E. rubromarginata

Photos Margrit Bischofberger

E. rubromarginata - a seedling :

Plant James Barry Slabbert
Photo Jacquie Koutsoudis, South Africa

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