SHAVIANA  Walther, 1972   (engl./ fr.)

Series Angulatae


Type : Meyer & Rogers 2527, collected on boulders in open places, el. 1690 m., along road between Adelaida (and) Dulces Nombres, Tamaulipas, Mexico 1948.


Etymology : Named for the Missouri Botanical Garden, aka “Shaw’sGarden” because staff members (Meyer and Rogers) had collected it.


Distribution : Mexico : A small area in southwestern Tamaulipas and southeastern Nuevo León. Native to shaded mountainous areas, where it grows in pine-needles on boulders, 900-2000 m.



Description by Eric Walther in Echeveria, 270, 1972 :


Plants glabrous.


Rosettes without evident caudex, apparently simple, ultimately becoming cespitose ( ?), to 10 cm in diameter.


Leaves very numerous, crowded, to 50 or more in each rosette, to 5 cm long or more, 15 – 25 mm broad or more, apparently thinnish, flat or at times with margins finely crenulate or strongly undulate-crispate, at base narrowed into long, narrow petiole which may be less than 5 mm wide for a distance of 15 – 20 mm, at apex triangular-rounded and deltoid-mucronate.


Inflorescences one or two or more, scape to 30 cm tall, erect, peduncle 2 – 3 mm thick at base, bracts to 10 or more, appressed to ascending, linear- to oblong-obovate, acute or shortly acuminate, long-spurred at base, 10 – 15 mm long, racemes simple secund, to 12 cm long, strongly nodding in bud, with 12 – 13 or more flowers, pedicels very short, rarely over 2 mm long.


Flowers : Sepals ascending, not appressed, linear- to deltoide-lanceolate, acute, unequal, longest to 9 mm long, corolla erect at anthesis, 10 – 13 mm long, 6 – 7 mm in basal diameter, pentagonal, petals narrow, keeled, the slender tips somewhat spreading.


Flowering time from June on.


Cytology : n = 13.


Link to a summary of the above description in English and French.


Note :

While - apparently - plants in the wild always have simple inflorescences, in cultivation branched inflorescences are possible.


Plants in habitat in Mexico. The following photos show the variability of this species - all plants growing at the same place.

Plantes en habitat mexicain. Les photos en bas démontrent la variabilité de cette espèces - les plantes se trouvent toutes au même endroit.

Photos Gerhard Köhres
Photo Werner Geissler

Photo Mateo Lichtenstein

Photos Emmanuelle Aubé.

Photo Thomas Delange

E. shaviana 'Pink Frills' has been selected in cultivation, i.e. is not a wild form :

Photo Joan Steele


Photo Margrit Bischofberger

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