SHAVIANA  Walther, 1972   (engl./ fr.)

Series Angulatae

Type : Meyer & Rogers 2527, collected on limestone in oak-pine woods near Dulces Nombres, elevation 1850 m, Nuevo Leon at border with Tamaulipas, Mexico, 1948.

Etymology : Named for the Missouri Botanical Garden, aka “Shaw’sGarden” because staff members had collected it.

Distribution : Mexico (Tamaulipas, Nuevo León).



Description by Eric Walther in Echeveria, 270, 1972 :


Plants glabrous.


Rosettes without evident caudex, apparently simple, ultimately becoming cespitose ( ?), to 10 cm in diameter.


Leaves very numerous, crowded, to 50 or more in each rosette, to 5 cm long or more, 15 – 25 mm broad or more, apparently thinnish, flat or at times with margins finely crenulate or strongly undulate-crispate, at base narrowed into long, narrow petiole which may be less than 5 mm wide for a distance of 15 – 20 mm, at apex triangular-rounded and deltoid-mucronate.


Inflorescences one or two or more, scape to 30 cm tall, erect, peduncle 2 – 3 mm thick at base, bracts to 10 or more, appressed to ascending, linear- to oblong-obovate, acute or shortly acuminate, long-spurred at base, 10 – 15 mm long, racemes simple secund, to 12 cm long, strongly nodding in bud, with 12 – 13 or more flowers, pedicels very short, rarely over 2 mm long.


Flowers : Sepals ascending, not appressed, linear- to deltoide-lanceolate, acute, unequal, longest to 9 mm long, corolla erect at anthesis, 10 – 13 mm long, 6 – 7 mm in basal diameter, pentagonal, petals narrow, keeled, the slender tips somewhat spreading.


Flowering time from June on.


Cytology : n = 13.


Native to shaded areas, where it grows in pine-needles on boulders.

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Plants in habitat in Mexico. The following photos show the variability of this species - all plants growing at the same place.

Plantes en habitat mexicain. Les photos en bas démontrent la variabilité de cette espèces - les plantes se trouvent toutes au même endroit.

Photos Gerhard Köhres
Photo Werner Geissler

Photo Mateo Lichtenstein

Photos Emmanuelle Aubé.

Photo Thomas Delange

E. shaviana 'Pink Frills' :

Photo Joan Steele


Photo Margrit Bischofberger

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