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TAMAULIPANA  Martinez-Àvalos, Mora & Terry, 2009  (engl. / fr.)


Published in Crassulacea No.5, 29. Sept. 2017. 


The authors claim to have collected a "species new to science". However they err. They have failed to check the ISI offerings of the past, otherwise they would have known that plants from the vicinity of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, have been distributed already in 1991 as Echeveria walpoleana. Moreover they based their comparison of E. tamaulipana and E. walpoleana on Walther's unuseable description (Echeveria, p. 252, 1972), having failed also to check Charles Uhl's comments in Haseltonia 6, 1998.  That means their description is a superfluous re-description and re-naming of E. walpoleana. The name is to b e listed in the synonymy of E. walpoleana.

Link to the French translation.

Published in Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad 80: 309 - 314, 2009

See Echeveria walpoleana.

ISI 91-43. Echeveria walpoleana Rose. A desirable species with compact rosettes of narrow green, red-margined leaves and bright orange and yellow flowers.

Rooted cuts of HBG 53254, a plant collected by Folsom (#11061), Brown, Dice & Wier, at 1215 m alt. on a rocky outcrop 2 km N of Altes Cumbres, along route 101 between Ciudad Victoria and Tula, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

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